Born in Yerevan in 1978. First songs were written when she hardly started to talk. Graduated from the class of violin of a musical school.
At the age of 14 started singing in the chamber choir “Alan Hovhannes” in Yerevan.

At the school age, attracted by some Spanish songs, started learning Spanish by herself. The passion for languages led her to the Yerevan State University and she graduated as a specialist of Spanish and English. During her university studies, in a duet with a friend she attended some musical events and shows. Still, the music and songwriting kept being just a hobby.

In parallel with the university Lilit graduated from TV journalism special courses and soon became one of the young faces of the independent TV A1+ in Yerevan. She started as a journalist becoming TV observer, editor of the news section and also making some individual projects on the TV.

In 2010 she released a single in Armenian called “Waiting Trains”. The song had immediate success and made her think of recording a full album. So in 2011 her first album consisting of 9 acoustic songs in Armenian and Spanish was released. Soon she decided to refuse from her career of a journalist and focus on songwriting and singing.

The release of her second album consisting of mainly Spanish and also some English songs is planned on 19 November 2013